Our Madagascar costumes include a variety of walkable, wearable, and rod puppets along with spectacular custom designed headpieces.
The costume plot has costumes for a cast of about 55, all
middle school sizes.
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Gloria, Melman, Alex & Marty
Zoosters Headpieces
Alex the Lion
Marty the Zebra
Melman the Giraffe
Gloria the Hippo
Mason and Phil
Mason & Phil
Mason puppet
Lemur Tribe
Mason and Phil
King Julien
King Julien and Maurice
Julien Headpiece
Mort puppet & costume
Mort Puppet
Fossa Pack
Fossa puppets & costumes
Fossa puppets
Bird puppets and costumes
Bird puppet (wings flap)
Bird puppet (wings flap)
Snake puppets
Snake puppets
Lionesses and Alex
Zookeepers (5 total)

"Norman" is a walkable puppet who lives in the giraffe exhibit of the NY Zoo with Melman.
He only weighs 6 lbs and can be worn by a student.
Click on the video below to see him walk!