Artfulness Studios' unique over-the-top creations have caught the eye of both local and national media. Check out our stories.

Bloomington News - Aladdin

Our costumes were featured in a 2023 production of Aladdin.

Sun Current - Aladdin

Front page pictures of our costumes in the Sun Current.

Bloomington News - SpongeBob

City of Bloomington news highlights our fantastical creations for SpongeBob the Musical.

Sun Current - SpongeBob

Featuring our over the top creations for SpongeBob the Musical!

Fox 9 Buzz - Descendants

Costuming in the age of Covid! A great interview with Fox 9's Morning Buzz for a 2021 production of Disney's Descendants.

City of Bloomington - Descendants

Another great story by the City of Bloomington news highlighting our costumes.

Sun Current - Descendants

A great front page story about a production of Disney's Descendants that featured our costumes.

Sun Current - Frozen

A wonderful two page story with vibrant pictures of our costumes.

City of Bloomington News - Frozen

A great story about a local production, spotlighting our Frozen costumes.

Frozen Costumes on Fox9 The Buzz

Our Frozen costumes were featured on Fox9 The Buzz

City of Bloomington News - WOZ

A wonderful story from the City of Bloomington featuring our Wizard of Oz costumes.

Sun Current - Wizard of Oz

A great front page story with pictures highlighting our WOZ costumes.

Lion King on Kare11

The making of our Lion King masks and costumes on Kare11.

City of Bloomington News - Lion King

Behind the Lion King costumes.

Star Tribune - Lion King

The Star Tribune featured our Lion King masks and costumes.

Sun Current - Lion King

A great two-page story about the Lion King Masks.

Twin Cities Live - Hairspray!

Emily Engberg interviews Kevin Doheny and the hair raising wigs he created for a production of Hairspray.

Fox 9 News - Hairspray

Courtney Godfrey wigs out over our Hairspray costumes!

Our Hairspray Seen 'Round the World

The over the top wigs created for a production of Hairspray attracted the attention of BuzzFeed, and our story was seen internationally!

City of Bloomington News - Hairspray

A fantastic story by Bloomington's own Laurie Schulte

Sun Current - Hairspray

A great article by the Sun Current about our Hairspray production

Bloomington News - Madagascar!

A great story by the City of Bloomington on our amazing production of Madagascar

Sun Current - Madagascar

A fun article on our 2018 production of Madagascar