-Although Penny is blonde, your wig can be any color(s ) pool noodles.
-The skull cap pattern costs $1.99 and can be customized to fit most head sizes.
-We recommend an approx. 12x18 sheet of craft foam for the skull cap pattern because the entire pattern will fit on that sheet size, but if you don't have 12x18 you can use any size of the 2mm craft foam to cut out the skull cap pattern.
-There is a video below that shows you how I cut the pool noodles using a scroll saw.
-Pro tip: we mount our wig head to a board to prevent it from tipping over during wig construction.

To see how to make the Penny wig step-by-step, just click on the video below.

Watch the video below to see how I cut the pool noodles and other foam using a scroll saw.